Mystery "Surprise" Book Bundle

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You definitely want to treat yo' self with a Tuma's Book of the Month box, but can't decide because all of the choices are amazing? Well, why not let me handle it?

  1. Buy a Mystery BOTM bundle for 3, 6, 9, or 12 surprise books, that are thoughtfully chosen by Tuma from all our book options (current and previous months). You can also request a surprise book from any book lists I've shared on Instagram.
  2. Save $5 off 3 books; $10 off 6, $25 off 9 books, and $50 off 12 books!
  3. How does it work? It's super easy! Simply fill out the form below to share your preferences/requests and complete checkout.
  4. I work my teacher, booknerd magic and match you to the perfect books.
  5. You relax and wait for your box in the mail. Ready to smile when it arrives.

**Mystery BOTM Box includes Tuma bookmark, pen, and pencil, as well as small gifts (such as stickers, pins, notetags, etc.)

Customer Reviews:

"Mystery Box was so fun! I ordered a mystery box at the end of October and finally got around to reading it. Tuma took all of my book loves and picked a book for me that I would not have chosen myself. I loved it! The selection of books that Tuma offers is unique and I love her recommendations!"

"Omg, these are the perfect picks for me! Cannot wait to read them both. Thank you so much @tumasbooksandthings!"

"GET YOURSELF A MYSTERY BOX!!! I absolutely LOVED my mystery box. After filling out a survey, Tuma selects the best books to fit your style. I was so happy with what she sent me. I will definitely be purchasing the mystery BOTM box again!!!"