Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult (Good Condition)

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If you're looking for sad and heartfelt story or a Lifetime movie in book form but less cheesy, then Jodi Picoult is the writer for you. Most of her books make me cry 😭 and I hate crying. So I've been avoiding her for a few years but that doesn't mean you should! 

  • Change of Heart: Story of redemption, justice, and love. Can you give up vengeance to save someone you love? Can you allow your dreams to come true even if it means granting your enemy's dying wish? After a deep loss, June meets Shay, who is seeking salvation. Can they find it in each other?
  • Good Condition: Hardcover with book jacket. Ripped hole (1/2 inch) on spine of book jacket. Pages in excellent condition.
  • Enjoy sneak peek of opening page.