6 Months BOTM Prepay: Mixed Adult & YA/MG

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Pre-Pay 6 months of Tuma's Book of the Month, includes shipping, and save $20. Both Adult & Young Adult/Middle Grade titlesChoose your book preference (hardcover, paperback, no preference) and your BOTM Option (Classic or Minimalist).

How it Works:

1. Choose your book preference: Adult books, YA/MG books, or Mixed.

2. Checkout. 🤗

3. On the 25th of the current month, you will receive an email to submit your book choices by the 5th of the next month. (If you purchase after the 25th, then your pre-pay begins two months later.)

Example: Order on Nov. 16th, receive email on 25th for December Books. Order on Nov. 27th, receive email on December 25th for January Books.

4. Your BOTM Box will ship out by the 20th of the month. If you would like book or gift add-ons to ship with your box, place order by the 5th of the month and add a note during checkout

5. To buy as a gift, I suggest purchasing a Tuma's Books and Things Gift Card instead.