Customer Testimonials

At Tuma's Books and Things, happy readers is our number one priority. We appreciate all of our customers who are a part of our bookish community and love to hear their thoughts about our service/ products.

Read our customer testimonials below.

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What our Book Lovers are saying about Tuma's Books and Things: 

"This is my second time ordering and I’m still so happy with Tuma’s Books and Things? SO many great titles to choose from, and always so carefully packaged with fun surprises."

"I loved this book box. It was reasonably priced, did not require a subscription, has a great selection of books, and came with some really thoughtful personal touches. It was literally everything I've been looking for."

"The fact I always such a hard time choosing a book is for me the best sign of a great product. Thank you again!!!"

"This was the best find ever! So many great offerings to choose from and then - boom - the package arrives and it’s better than you can imagine! It’s all packaged so thoughtfully and filled with cute fun surprises as well. Can’t wait til my next order!"

"I am so happy to have found Tuma's shop and her BOTM collections. This was my 3rd box and I am hooked! It's clear how much time and energy Tuma takes to carefully select the titles for her latest BOTM - I especially love that she focuses on female and diverse voices for these selections. I like that I am able to pick the books I want for each box, but since this isn't a subscription, I don't always need to ship a box every month. I now always look forward to the days she shares her selections and it's been hard to not want to fill up my box with every single title :)"

"Bday Present success ! I bought this for my dad and he LOVED it so much! The book and the packaging !!"

"Best gift to myself: I haven’t delved into reading my books yet-waiting on vacation! Tuma creates the absolute BOTM package. A thoughtful note and the best buttons and fun’s like she know me. Whether a gift to yourself or a friend, I hope you love Tuma’s BOTM club as much as I do."

“The books were in great condition, also loved the packaging!”

“I received this book very quickly in great shape. I love being able to purchase used books to give them a second home.”

“I was so excited to discover Tuma’s Books and Things on Instagram, especially as an alternative to BOTM! I’m a white librarian at a high school in Queens and you had some awesome selections. I treated my best friend to The Vanishing Half for her birthday and am so excited to surprise her with it. Thanks for making such a cool subscription service.”

“Thank you so much for promoting this. I’ve been looking for a black owned book box to invest in and this perfectly fits the bill!”

“I am so happy I found your site and new BOTM program with the specific mission of highlighting diverse authors. I am realizing how important it is that I support businesses whose values align with my own and to continue to diversify my own library.”

"The box was so beautifully wrapped. Really felt like I got myself a present."

"I am so excited to read Pride! And everything in this box is the CUTEST, especially the personalized note--thank you, @tumasbooksandthings, for having the best BOTM."

"@tumasbooksandthings Book of the Month absolutely Hit. It. Out. of. The. Park! The packing, the detail, the perfect stickers, and the handwritten notes. I am already looking forward to the selections in July!"

"Finally got my hands on Clap When You Land. It's my first choice from Tuma's BOTM which also came with a bookmark with one of my favorite bookish sayings, some cute stickers and pics and a little handwritten note! I already can't wait to see what she'll pick for next month."

"The BOTM includes being able to choose which book to receive, the cute additional bookish items, the personalized note, the feeling of community, and Tuma's enthusiasm. It brightened my day to receive it this month, and I'm definitely going to participate next month too."

"Tuma’s BOTM club has been my favorite book club experience by far. From the book selections, the community, Tuma herself, the packaging and let’s not forget- the extra fun “book-ish” gifts- I love every bit of this club and look forward to my next month’s picks! You can’t beat the personalization that Tuma puts into her community & product. Highly, highly recommend 👍"

"100% this book club is so fun - thoughtful choices, good variety, relatable and interactive ownership and community. The book was packaged with a cute handwritten note, stickers, pins, and a bookmark and of course the book itself was a great read. Will def buy again. Thanks Tuma!"

"I cannot think of the words to truly explain how impressed I am with my first BOTM order. The packaging and individualized notes are such a sweet touch. The stickers and pins are a fun addition - I am thankful I put notes in the order form. I am a new customer for life and a self proclaimed ambassador - I tell everyone I can to purchase! Looking forward to next month."

"Love this book of the month! Not tied down to a subscription, can choose paperback vs hardback, cute extras, and personalized feel! Excited for all future Tuma's BOTM! :)"

"It was so much fun opening my first box purchase from Tina's Book & Things."


Provide us with feedback below. What do you love? What can we improve? Do you have any suggestions?