Tuma's Book of the Month Box

Want to read more diverse books but overwhelmed by all of the options? Let Tuma do the research for you!

Each month, you will have several great reads to choose from. The main criteria? Amazing writers of color!

Tuma's BOTM Box: Awesome book + cute gifts + personalized note in a custom box for $29.99 (Hardcover) or $21.99 (Paperback).

You may add-on up to THREE additional books (based on size). Add-on prices may vary depending on cost and format of book (newer & hardcover books are more expensive).

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Tuma's Book of the Month Box- DIverse writers

Browse current BOTM options below and available add-ons from previous months. Books from previous months can be purchased separately as well (w/o custom box and gifts, shipped directly from supplier).

**If you would like to purchase a BOTM box with a book from a previous month, please leave a note during checkout. I will be happy to substitute as long as I still have copies of the book available at home.

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NEW: Mystery BOTM Box. Tell Tuma a bit about your reading preferences and receive a surprise book (or two or three) in the mail! 

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