Book Rant: Review of Under the Feet of Jesus by Helena Maria Viramontes

Under the Feet of Jesus is an unapologetic and raw portrayal of the Hispanic migrant worker. Reflecting the hardships of the migrants’ lives set against the beauty of an equally harsh landscape, Viramontes pulls readers into an entirely different world, one in which its inhabitants are caught between worlds, not truly belonging in either one. 
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Book Rant: Bag of Bones by Stephen King Review

Bag of Bones begins with the lulling, soft, authentic voice of Michael Noonan as he tells his incredible story, starting from his wife's sudden death and including the hard to believe events that follow. With a gripping combination of quiet grief and a startling, sometimes blunt, sense of humor, readers quickly find themselves deeply caring for Mike as soon as the end of chapter one. 
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TBR: Black Authors (Contemporary & Modern--Mixed Genres)

Current TBR (to be read) pile consists of Black writers, old and new.
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